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From the vending machine

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Y No. 92
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JRG Media is excited to introduce our latest line of clipart: HIGH IMPACT BACKDROPS! High Impact Backdrops are professionally designed background images for t-shirts, logos, event signage or anything else that could use the instant appeal of a High Impact Backdrop. Simply place any clip art and text over a HIGH IMPACT BACKDROP and you have a powerful design with little effort!

Click here to see the available designs or click here to see a demonstration video.




Introducing the all-new "Vector Vend-o-Matic "! JRG Media's vector clip art vending machine! Pick and choose which image(s) you want to buy and download them immediately to your computer. There are already hundreds of images in the Vend-o-Matic and we will be adding new images regularly, so check the Vend-o-Matic often for new images.


JRG Media's Auto Racing Clip Art is known around the world for it's quality and accuracy. If you are looking for high quality clip for auto racing and high performance vehicle clip art JRG Media has it all. Click here for more info. Or call us at 303.984.0404. We also offer a Custom Clip Art service.

WebSite Development

JRG Media creates elegantly designed fully functional websites for your company or business. From small websites to large websites JRG Media can handle them all. JRG Media also offers web hosting, so from the ground up we can get you started on the web. Click Here for more info.

Other Services

Besides making the worlds best auto racing clip art and elegantly designed websites JRG Media can also handle a variety of other projects such as company logo design, business card design, letterhead design, custom art and just about anything else that needs to look good so that your business looks good!



Need a specific image turned into a line art vector .eps image? With JRG Media's "MADE TO ORDER CLIP ART" offer you can get your specific custom vector clip art image for as little as $50! (prices start at per vehicle or object) The process is simple, you send us the image you need vector line art of and our artists will re-draw by hand your image. After the image has been re-drawn and converted to vector .eps format we will send it back to you! It's that easy!

CLICK HERE for more info 

Tony Stewart seen using our clip art!

Tony Stewart uses JRG clip art on ESPN2 national TV coverage!

stewart_littleDid you watch the Turkey Night Grand Prix on ESPN2 this year? Well if so, you saw Tony Stewart display a promo with our clip art on it! Don't believe us? Click here .

JRG Media custom clip art is great for ads, flyers, brochures, proposals, Tee-shirts and more! Images are ready to import into your favorite applications or edited in most graphics applications.