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Retro Clip Art PDF Print E-mail

ONLY $19.95


This is a internet DOWNLOAD SPECIAL! (no shipping charges!)
1930's, 40's and 50's style images of people, animals, cars, cartoons, symbols, mascots and much more! Perfect for adding style to t-shirts, hats, signage, embroidery, print and more!

BUY NOW!!! special internet price - $19.95 A $100 savings!

All images come in high resolution vectorized .eps format. (.jpg also available)











After successful payment instructions will be provided for instant download!
(18 meg download - high speed connection recommended)

JRG Media Retro Style Clip Art is great for ads, flyers, brochures, proposals, Tee-shirts and more! Images are ready to import into your favorite applications or edited in most graphics applications.

Buy right here at special internet prices that are not available ANYWHERE ELSE! BUY NOW!!!

  • Retro Style Clip Art People, fashion, animals, cars, appliances, cooking, cartoons, mascots and more!!!.
  • The Retro Style Clip Art also comes with a printable PDF image catalog with large thumbnails of every image included on the CD.
  • The Retro Style Clip Art downloads from the internet to your computer for Mac and PC and is in postscript (.eps). Jpeg (.jpg) versions of all the images are also available after purchase.
  • Retro Style Clip Art contains over 225 images and costs $149.95 ($49.95 special download internet price)
  • Retro Style Clip Art is great for signmaking, ads, flyers, embroidery or anything else that needs clip art!
  • If you have a Illustration package such as Illustrator or Freehand you can file open the documents and edit the .eps versions YOURSELF!
  • All JRG Media retro images are accurate and come in various detail. Some are color, some are greyscale and some are black and white.
  • JRG Media accepts all major credit cards and eChecks (via PayPal).