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Racing Clip Art Volume 9 PDF Print E-mail


Now, get much more for a super low price!!

The MEGA Collection has been discontinued and replaced with the ULTIMATE Auto Racing Collection. The ULTIMATE Collection contains this volume and much much more. Click here for more info.



JRG Media custom clip art is great for ads, flyers, brochures, proposals, Tee-shirts and more! Images are ready to import into your favorite applications or edited in most graphics applications.


  • Volume IX includes, midgets, sprints, stock cars, dirt late models, legends, modifieds, drag racing, Go Karts, IRL, flags, number sets, uniforms and more!
  • Volume IX also includes bonus images for past volumes.
  • Volume IX comes on CD ROM for Mac and PC and is in postcript (.eps) and non-postscript (.bmp)PC and (.pict)Mac
  • Volume IX contains over 330 images and costs $89.95
  • Volume IX is great for ads, flyers, sponsorship proposals or anything else that needs clip art!
  • JRG Media's auto racing clip art, is clip art, and not a software application. You must import, place, or insert the clip art into the documents you create in your favorite applications.
  • If you have a Illustration package such as Illustrator or Freehand you can file open the documents and edit the .eps versions YOURSELF!
  • If you have a image editing package such as Photoshop or CorelPaint or PhotoStyler you can file open the documents and edit the .bmp/pict versions YOURSELF!
  • All JRG Media auto racing images are accurate and come in various detail. Some are color, some are greyscale and some are black and white.
  • JRG Media accepts all major credit cards, checks, money orders and of course good old cash call 303-984-0404 or FAX your order to 303-984-1935 or click the This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it button to order via the net.
  • Mailing address: PO Box 280869, Lakewood, CO 80228-0869
  • Dont forget to include: name, address, phone number, credit card type, credit card number, expiration date and the desired clip art volume!


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